Toy Surge Group’s, Julia Turgeon, CEO, introduced the new Julia Abby Thomas Puzzles brand, children’s jigsaw puzzles based on the author/illustrator’s own designs.

The first children’s jigsaw puzzle: A Monster Stole My Shoe, will feature the lovable little monster based on Thomas’ bestselling children’s picture books: A Monster Stole My Shoe Series.

The monster featured in her books, beloved by thousands since first introduced on the Amazon website, was first featured in August 2013. One reviewer stated: “Every kid worries about monsters under the bed (I know I did). Julia Abby Thomas’s book takes a fun, rhyming approach to coming face-to-face with your monster and learning he’s a fun-loving pink imp who loves to drive around in your shoes. Recommended.”

“An adorable, funny, colorful and wonderfully rhyming childrens book that takes the scary out of the monster under the bed.” Another reviewer wrote. “Both my 3-year-old and 5-year-old grandchildren love it. A great ending too!”

Yet another reviewer wrote: “My 5 and 8 year old granddaughters love the “Monster Stole” books. Really cute stories.”

Suggested retail price is $8.99.  A Monster Stole My Shoe jigsaw puzzle will be available online on in mid-April 2015 and through the author’s website at:

For additional information contact by email:, by phone: 800-441-6223 ext 804, or visit:

Toy Surge Group Announces New Brand Of Children’s Puzzles

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