Toy Surge Group’s, Julia Turgeon, CEO, announced today their new membership with IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association).

An American publishing company since 2013, Toy Surge Publishing through its imprint, Toy Surge Press has created a children’s best selling book series “A Monster Stole My Shoe,” as well as had success in their new coloring books for both children and adults. Turgeon said with all their success since its publishing beginnings back in 2013, joining IBPA was overdue. “I’m very excited about joining IBPA. Toy Surge Publishing just took another important step towards our company’s growth in the publishing industry.”

“We are a small press publisher in Newport, NH and knew we would benefit joining the organization for independent publishers and writers. They have a great program to help small publishers compete in the publishing world with marketing, education, distribution and keeping up with the book industry in general. For a company like us with limited staff to market, do research, and the like, joining IBPA was a no brainer.”

Turgeon says Toy Surge Publishing’s main goal this year is to obtain a distributor. “We want to reach more readers,” said Turgeon. “We have an impressive sales track record since we started publishing in 2013. We know we have best selling titles and know we would do well expanding our audience than just selling via the online route through bookseller sites like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Amazon. Being a member of IBPA will help us achieve that.”

Turgeon said she was optimistic about the future of Toy Surge Publishing. “With the IBPA’s help along the way, we know we will achieve our 2016 goals by year end.”

Toy Surge Group Announces New Membership Into IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association)

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