NEWPORT, NEW HAMPSHIRE, JANUARY 29, 2017 – Toy Surge Publishing is pleased to announce a Kickstarter campaign for the debut product from their new brand, Green Blueberry Books.

Toy Surge Publishing is uniquely aware of the issue of deforestation, and the company aims to utilize strategies that reduce the use of new paper products. With the launch of Green Blueberry Books, Toy Surge Publishing has committed to working toward using recycled paper waste and fibers in their new books.

The first product from Green Blueberry Books is My Favorite Recipes, a customized cookbook. Inside the cookbook, users find pages that can be customize with their own recipes and notes. According to Julia Turgeon, owner of Toy Surge Publishing, the books are being made with in-house paper, and within the year, the company hopes to create Green Blueberry books with recycled paper.

Toy Surge Publishing has an in-house paper mill, which will soon create more recycled paper products than ever. Green Blueberry Books will offer high quality stationery products created with passion and eco-friendly materials.

“As much as we would love to have the first title printed on our handmade paper, we are just not there yet. This campaign is more than the limited edition recipe journal we’re giving out as a reward. It’s about jumpstarting what we as a company believe in which is looking to manufacture its own environmentally friendly books,” said Turgeon.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $2600 within one month, and pledgers can receive exclusive copies of My Favorite Recipes. More information can be found at

Toy Surge Publishing’s Customized Cookbook Launches on Kickstarter Company aims to raise awareness for deforestation with new project

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